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Scrappy tools, actionable resources. Everything you need to get started solving problems for your customers.


With thousands of resources fighting for your attention it can be hard to cut through the noise. Here is a curated list of communities, subscriptions, networks, and organizations who help us find the people with the knowhow.


Here is your curated list of the tools, resources, frameworks, and books we like most. We have 3 criteria: does it help us launch faster, build cheaper, and stay customer-obsessed?


You figure out what customers need. We will figure out how to get it to them.


We love to read. But with hundreds of books published each year it can be hard to find the ones worth investing your time in. Here is a curated list of the books we think ask good questions, and help us find actionable answers.


Build the startup that your customers will love. Use tools that have specific actions that can help your customers find, use, adore, and share your product.


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