Build Cheaper

We've definitely felt the pain of spending too much money, over too much time, on too many features, with too little feedback. NO! Do not do this!

Your job is to find something that customers are begging for. They #need it, they know they need it, they're looking for it, and they wish they had it yesterday. Start here: how can you start solving their problem today?

Embrace Defects

If you aren’t embarrassed by the first version of your product, you shipped too late.” ~Reid Hoffman

Your first product is not meant to be shiny, robust, or even fully's to get you real feedback. Focus on providing some modicum of initial promise with enough #value to spark interest and action in your customers.

Build with Less

Pretend you can't write a single line of code for the first launch. How could you take existing tools and staple them together with your own manpower to solve your customers #problem? Whatever function you need computing power for at scale, do a dumb slower version for now and see if you can tackle the same issues.

Seek Commitments

“The world’s most deadly fluff is: 'I would definitely buy that.'" ~Rob Fitzpatrick

Do not #spend money until your customers are pushing to spend their own. Coding can be a black hole for both your funding and your time. Don't let yourself be caught in the practice of building. Focus on the end result. At Start Scrappy, we believe you should be able to launch an initial promise of value for your customers by spending less than $1000. No exceptions. No excuses. Disagree? Don't believe it? Already spent way more? Jump on a call. Let's figure out what's eating your cash.


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